Residential and Refinances

The Washington Title and Escrow team wants to help you close your home purchase or refinance transaction, whether you’re the buyer/seller or the real estate professional. We know how much effort you’ve put in to get to the closing table, and you deserve a title partner that is just as dedicated to getting this job done as you are.

When you choose Washington Title and Escrow, you’re getting a group of the most caring professionals in the region to do the following and so much more.

● Handle all monies exchanged between parties involved
● Coordinate document signing and provide notary services
● Prepare loan and escrow documents
● Provide marketing materials on title and escrow
● Work with you to ensure that your transaction closes in a timely manner

Our WTC team is dedicated to providing the unparalleled service you deserve, we’ll be there to solve any issues that arise during the process.
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